The Family History: Part One

Bioware games chronicle how one person unites disparate personalities and turns them into an unstoppable force. Dragon Age II is the epitome of that idea, a family saga ruled by people and not events. It’s been the RPG model for NPCs to show the player the way, guiding them from one quest to another. That tendency finds its best realization to date, and it’s all because of the characters and what they have at stake.


Tricks of the Trade: Commander 2014 – Blue

Commander 2014 is one hell of a set. With all of these wonderful new toys to play with, it seemed only natural to write up a set review for my adoring audience, which – by complete coincidence, naturally – required us to play the living daylights out of all the decks. The things I do for you people.


How Many Americans?

When the meta experience of Spec Ops begins to shift away from supporting this black-on-white reasoning as the cause of the game’s conflict, it presents quite the gut punch; Good Guys and Bad Guys both begin to lose value as simple definitions.


On GamerGate

First, reader, a note. This piece is not a retrospective, nor is it an info-dump. It’s a message. If you are somehow unaware of the war that has been waged against prominent women in gaming in the past weeks, Google it. We at the Ontological Geek have always focused more …