Video games and capitalism have a complex and often paradoxical relationship. Not least is the fact that videogames are – for the majority of the 'market' – a function of capital and market economics. Games are developed, marketed and sold, as well as being played, enjoyed and talked about. They generate huge and ever increasing profits while contributing significantly to the global economy. But what are the problems facing workers in the industry when they have to demand what is due?

‘We just want what we’re owed’: workplace organising and the games industry

gisa 1
We approach the realest of the shit. Shit so real you may not even be able to handle it. Parental Advisory is in full effect, and don’t come crying to me if you suffer an overdose of sheer awesome and need to be rushed to an Ed Sheeran gig to be bored back down to normal. It’s Magic in purest form, the most ass-kickingest of colour combinations – mono-black!

Tricks of the Trade: Commander 2014: Black

Planescape: Torment opened a door for me: the door to Sigil, the grimy, sharp, beating heart of the Planescape setting. It is also a door to new possibilities: the realisation that a fantasy setting could be so much more than what has become 'the standard' over the last few decades. When you set foot in the game, everything is different.

Walking the Planes 3: Pluralities