Monthly Archives: September 2010

A (Wo)Man Called Hawke 1

It was announced some time ago that Dragon Age 2, sequel to the fantastic (if flawed) Dragon Age: Origins, was going to make a fundamental change in its design philosophy. DA:O had allowed its players a great deal of freedom in the character creation process. Following in the footsteps of earlier BioWare games like Baldur’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age allowed the player to wholly customize his or her character. While creating the Warden (as the player character of DA:O is often called), the player chooses a race, class, and origin story (approximately two for each […]

Art Evolves: Interactivity as the New Frontier 2

Art has expanded and evolved over time. Paint today has virtually nothing in common with paints of yesterday; paint is defined by its function, not its chemical makeup. Sculpture happens in different media from iron to ice to SPAM. Art has never been limited by requiring it to resemble that which came before it: indeed, the most celebrated art is that which deliberately escapes the previous trappings of the medium. More importantly, art expanded to incorporate new technologies and practices that required the development of new tools and practices to implement. Music was once hand-clapping and singing, and expanded to […]