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No, Mr. Hawke, I Expect You To Feature A More Robust Inventory System

Introduction I have spent a fair amount of time of late thinking about the complexities of the relationship between a serious game player and a serious game developer, and have identified three trends which I wish to discuss. The catalyst for this discussion was my relatively recent playthrough of Dragon Age II, a game which left me feeling rather jerked around. So, for the next three weeks, I wish to discuss three specific trends in the gaming community: Expectation, Entitlement and Exploitation, and though I will discuss these trends in various contexts, each discussion will use Dragon Age II as […]


The Meaningful Game 2

Introduction That video games can be art is a truth I firmly believe, and I spend a great deal of my mental energy thinking about all the cool things they have done and can do in the future.  But this emphasis on games’ better parts and amazing potential occasionally causes me to be completely blindsided by the fact that the medium is still very much in its artistic adolescence.  Much like a cute puppy that will one day be a true and trusted companion, games now still have the tendency to pee on your floor, chew through your shoes and […]