Monthly Archives: May 2011

On Games-As-Art

What is Meant By Games-As-Art, and What is the Ontological Geek Really Trying To Do? When I first started the Ontological Geek, I was looking for a quick way to summarize what this website was about.  “It’s a games-criticism blog,” is pretty accurate, I suppose, but what I wanted to convey was that mostly, this website is less invested in whether or not a game is fun (though we like fun, don’t get me wrong), and more invested in whether or not a game is good art, and “games-criticism” didn’t quite convey that for me.  I settled on “games-as-art,” and […]

You Are Dead 4

You’re a brilliant, roguish individual with plenty of experience evading and disarming traps, but this one is complicated. The timing of the blades is tricky, and you know that a false step means at the least a hefty injury, which, since you’re deep in enemy territory and a great distance away from any proper medical care, is essentially a long-form, suffering version of a more grievous stumble onto one of those glistening spikes. Still, your beloved significant other is on the other side of this trap (and many, many others), so there’s only one option: forward. You trail right behind […]