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What is Meant By Games-As-Art, and What is the Ontological Geek Really Trying To Do? When I first start­ed the Ontological Geek, I was look­ing for a quick way to sum­ma­rize what this web­site was about.  “It’s a games-criticism blog,” is pret­ty accu­rate, I sup­pose, but what I want­ed to con­vey was that most­ly, this web­site is less invest­ed in whether or not a game is fun (though we like fun, don’t get me wrong), and more invest­ed in whether or not a game is good art, and “games-criticism” didn’t quite con­vey that for me.  I set­tled on “games-as-art,” and I real­ized the other day that I’d done a bad thing by […]

On Games-As-Art

You’re a bril­liant, rogu­ish indi­vid­ual with plen­ty of expe­ri­ence evad­ing and dis­arm­ing traps, but this one is com­pli­cat­ed. The tim­ing of the blades is tricky, and you know that a false step means at the least a hefty injury, which, since you’re deep in enemy ter­ri­to­ry and a great dis­tance away from any prop­er med­ical care, is essen­tial­ly a long-form, suf­fer­ing ver­sion of a more griev­ous stum­ble onto one of those glis­ten­ing spikes. Still, your beloved sig­nif­i­cant other is on the other side of this trap (and many, many oth­ers), so there’s only one option: for­ward. You trail right behind the bristling wave of spikes, leap­ing […]

You Are Dead