Monthly Archives: June 2011

So, a while back I said I was going to write a three-part series on Dragon Age II and things like enti­tle­ment, but as I’ve repeat­ed­ly tried to draft said arti­cles, I’ve real­ized that they most­ly amount to me whin­ing a bunch.  So, very briefly, here is a sum­ma­ry of the salient points I was going to make: 1. Gamers: if you want games to be art, don’t com­plain when devel­op­ers do things you don’t expect them to do.  It’s only not very good art that only caters to what you want and never attempts to expand your hori­zons.  If, how­ev­er, you only want games to be enter­tain­ment, […]

Novelty and Mastery