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The Philosopher-Geek has already writ­ten a very good post on the mean­ing­ful game, and that might be impor­tant to read before you step into this one, because I’m going to inves­ti­gate two spe­cif­ic traits that he lists in that post. The spe­cif­ic traits I am inter­est­ed in dis­cussing are: 1. The Meaningful Game does not allow the play­er’s choic­es or pos­si­ble actions to derail the game or con­tra­dict its char­ac­ters, and 2. The Meaningful Game does not con­tain side-quests. These two points are most com­mon­ly bun­gled in games that reflect the “sand­box,” “free-roaming,” or “open-world” style of design, and so I’d like […]

The Sandbox

I am hes­i­tant to give him the traf­fic, but I sup­pose you should watch this video, since that’s what this arti­cle is about.  It is not real­ly safe for work, though, so do bear that in mind: I gen­er­al­ly try not to pick fights here, but the ideas expressed in this video caused me to raise an eye­brow and strong­ly con­sid­er tear­ing out my hair, and I believe they might be deserv­ing of some atten­tion.  Further, I do think that I have some things to say that are worth lis­ten­ing to. Now, I’m not sure, exact­ly, just how seri­ous Jim Sterling is with this […]

Questioning the Jimquisition