Monthly Archives: December 2011

On Urgency 2

During a recent Deus Treks podcast, I passingly mentioned that a game works much better as art when its gameplay reinforces its sense of narrative urgency. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but on further reflection I think that it’s an important piece of the Plot vs. Fun puzzle, and a useful lens for exploring games as art. I wanted to explore it in further detail in hopes of addressing some questions that I raised previously, and to add another term to the Ontological Geek’s lexicon of analytical concepts. Since the state of Missouri requires me to […]

You’re a Legend, Mr. Wayne 1

First things first: go listen to the newest Deus Treks.  It’s the best one we’ve done so far. With that out of the way: It’s Batman time.  Again. (Always). Last time, I mentioned that Arkham Asylum, (though really neat), mostly doesn’t examine the Batman mythos with any real granularity.  “You are Batman,” it says, “Now go punch people.”  By and large, Arkham Asylum is a game about how cool it is to dress up in tights and a cape, but there are a few moments when it stops to ask the player a few questions about what it really is […]