Monthly Archives: August 2012

Roman Coins 5
Dear Esther resolutely, and I think intentionally, resists any kind of complete analysis, but over the months since I first played and replayed the game, a kind of shape has been forming in my mind, one that grows and builds upon itself each time I go through it.

Damascus and Golgotha

Bigdaddy-bioshock 5
After a prolonged and ammunition-expensive battle the Big Daddy fell. ‘How the hell are your weapons doing so little damage? And how were his doing so much?’ We quickly came to the answer: I was playing on Hard Mode. He’d played on the game’s default Normal Mode.

Go Hard or Go Home

I know that for many the zombie craze has been played out. And yet, like the hellwalkers they depict, zombie games just keep coming. I want to examine why zombies work in games, specifically why they make engaging and compelling enemies when presented in the context of a survival situation.

Brains Trust: The Effective Zombie Game