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Are Rules Art? 4

A piece of great videogame art would give its players something that they haven’t demanded, and in fact could never demand at all, because for it to be effective it would have to show them something new.


Dishonored Inside and Out

What Arkane managed to create in Dunwall is a city-state that parses correctly. From there, we can shine a light on how our own communities work.


Game Over: The Improved-Upon Game

Have you ever passed on a perfectly good book because the sequel had better features? Have you ever turned your nose up at a movie because it’s only 2D?

mysterious fossil

Peace in the Time of Demons 3

I have begun to understand playing Dark Souls as an experience of suffering. Why, then, do I play it?


Nathan Drake’s Carnivalesque Tendencies 1

The Uncharted series is primarily an ongoing narrative of the disruption of powerful forces by a comedic but determined underdog.