Monthly Archives: January 2013

Spring Reading List 1

We asked the Ontological Geek staff to pick three games for their required reading lists, a game to take to the end o the world, a game to teach people about games, and whatever they’re currently playing.


Mario Dali: The Super Surrealist Brothers 1

Speaking informally the other day I found myself saying that the “Mario franchise can be understood as surrealist.” Is this true?

mario 2 picture

Nerd Corps Alien Defense Pt. 3: Attrition 6

The following excerpts are from the logs of Commander Milich Gray, who was placed in command of the international XCOM project immediately following the first abductions.

xcom banner

OntoGeek Civ V Game Day 3

Want to play Civilization V: Gods and Kings with the Ontological Geek? Here’s your chance.


A Eulogy for Kuranes 2

A review of and meditation on Porpentine’s howling dogs,, written in Twine.


Gender Play, Gender Power 4

I’m a cisgender straight male, but most of the time, when I have a chance to choose my gender in a video game, I play a female.


Entropy, Austerity, and Little Inferno

Entropy is the natural tendency for order to dissolve into chaos. Little Inferno is, at its core, a game about entropy.


Works of Art

A game might be more an art form than a work of art, and it is instead the individual playthroughs of a game that are the works of art.

Image is from Brendan Keogh's "Towards Dawn" project.

Mega Man Why: Birthday Wishes For a Friend

So Happy Birthday to you, Mega Man, you magnificent bastard.


Batman vs Spider-Man: The Clone Saga

A game which wins the popularity lottery will almost immediately be cannibalized for useful parts. After Arkham Asylum, Amazing Spider-Man made no bones about picking up the bat-ball and running with it.