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“Bioshock seems to suf­fer from a pow­er­ful dis­so­nance between what it is about as a game, and what it is about as a story.” -          Clint Hocking, 2007 Papers, Please Lucas Pope’s Papers, Please was released in 2013 to wide acclaim. Set in the fic­ti­tious east­ern European nation of Arstotzka dur­ing the 1980s, Pope describes the game as fol­lows: “You play a bor­der inspec­tor at a con­tentious check-point. People are com­ing into your booth, and they want to get from one side to the other. You’ve got to check their doc­u­ments and make sure every­thing’s in order before you let them through. It’s hard to […]

Generating Tension in Papers, Please: A Case for Ludonarrative Dissonance

Hello and wel­come to You Haven’t Seen!?! This is my brand-new col­umn delv­ing into the inter­sec­tion of Geek and Cinema! Now, I’ve seen a lot of movies, and I con­sid­er myself an aspir­ing film snob. That said, there are quite a few rather impor­tant films I have not seen before begin­ning this project. I’ve doubt­less seen movies and played games (for this is the Geek, after all) influ­enced by said films, and I prob­a­bly know the twists and spoil­erz, but the films them­selves I haven’t seen. UNTIL NOW!!! So let me lay out how this is (ten­ta­tive­ly) going to work. I will write about what I know about […]

You Haven’t Seen!?!: Ghostbusters (1984)