A Eulogy for Kuranes 2

This is a review of Porpentine’s game howl­ing dogs, which is writ­ten in Twine.

The review is also writ­ten in Twine, and here it is:

A Eulogy for Kuranes

It does not require any down­loads or spe­cial soft­ware to use, and is host­ed by the Ontological Geek, so you should have no fear of virus­es.

Bill Coberly

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2 thoughts on “A Eulogy for Kuranes

  • notthatjack

    This was absolute­ly amaz­ing. It expand­ed upon my appre­ci­a­tion for ‘howl­ing dogs’ (after fin­ish­ing the game, then replay­ing it in part, I had gone on to read var­i­ous peo­ple’s writ­ings about it, includ­ing Porpentine her­self and Emily Short among oth­ers) but also added to what I took away from ‘howl­ing dogs’ itself — more so than any­thing else any­one else had said about the game.

    And then, on top of all that, it gave me a deeply per­son­al view of what the game had meant to you, specif­i­cal­ly and indi­vid­u­al­ly. This facet of your review also expand­ed upon my appre­ci­a­tion for, and added to what I took away from, ‘howl­ing dogs’; but it meant far more than that.

    Thank you for shar­ing so much of your­self in ‘A Eulogy for Kuranes’ (though I’m no longer sure, hav­ing reached the end of it, that call­ing it a ‘eulo­gy’ is entire­ly cor­rect, I do think it was nec­es­sary for it to be con­strued as such at the out­set). (Or per­haps it’s enti­tling it as a eulo­gy specif­i­cal­ly for Kuranes that’s what’s not quite right…?)

    Transformative works are often con­sid­ered — not unlike works cre­at­ed with Twine, appar­ent­ly — “wom­en’s” in near­ly every neg­a­tive way that label can be con­strued: emo­tion­al, niche, weak, soft, silly, less­er, insignif­i­cant, embar­rass­ing, child­ish, sim­plis­tic, miss­ing the point, of inter­est only to women, etc. Fanfiction is a prime exam­ple of this, but far from the only one. And a trans­for­ma­tive work is pre­cise­ly what I would call your ‘Eulogy for Kuranes’; it builds on a prior cre­ator’s work and will have the most res­o­nance for some­one who is famil­iar with the orig­i­nal work which inspired it. The fact that it’s also a high­ly ana­lyt­i­cal work of lit­er­ary crit­i­cism does noth­ing to dimin­ish its trans­for­ma­tive nature.

    Congratulations, sir, on prov­ing your­self to be “a straight, white, cis­gen­dered American male. A Christian, even!” who gets it. You’re absolute­ly cor­rect that it would be stu­pid (I avoid “dumb” as some peo­ple who can­not speak well, or at all, using their mouths con­sid­er it ableist) for any­one to sug­gest that you should­n’t use Twine, just as it would be stu­pid for any­one to sug­gest that you should­n’t cre­ate trans­for­ma­tive works.

    Congratulations also on hav­ing craft­ed a pow­er­ful and mov­ing review/game/experience.

    And thank you, sin­cere­ly, for shar­ing it with us all.

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