The Ontological Geek (20102017) was a web­site for peo­ple who believe that pop­u­lar cul­ture is more than just enter­tain­ment. Founded orig­i­nal­ly to deal with videogames, OntoGeek even­tu­al­ly grew to deal with all kinds of pop cul­ture and art, though videogames remained its pri­ma­ry focus.

Games, movies, books, and comics aren’t just works exist­ing in a vac­u­um; some­times, they con­nect to us by reflect­ing our hopes and fears, our iden­ti­ties, our beliefs, our his­to­ry, and our future. In other cases, they fail to do so and leave us feel­ing alien­at­ed. OntoGeek was a web­site about all of those things.

This archive will remain in place indef­i­nite­ly, and if you notice any­thing that’s bro­ken or not work­ing cor­rect­ly, please con­tact the groundskeep­er by DMing or @ing the OntoGeek Twitter account @ontologicalgeek.