The Ontological Geek was founded in August of 2010 by a bored college graduate trying to figure out some way to make use of his philosophy degree and with the vague idea that games were neat and somebody ought to write about them.

Now, it’s a website for people who like video- and tabletop games and other such pursuits, and who like to think and talk about them.  It isn’t a games-news site (though we sometimes post about the news).  It isn’t a fan site (though most of us love Planescape: Torment).  It’s a site for people who like to think about the games they play, people who can unironically use terms like “procedural rhetoric,” or might like to learn how to do so.

Our writers range from the academic to the enthusiast, and our only rule for content is that the content be interesting.  We are strictly not-for-profit, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We aim for quality over quantity and would rather be thoughtful than topical.

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