Founded in August of 2010, The Ontological Geek is a website for people who believe that popular culture is more than just entertainment. Games, movies, books, and comics aren’t just works existing in a vacuum; sometimes, they connect to us by reflecting our hopes and fears, our identities, our beliefs, our history, and our future. In other cases, they fail to do so and leave us feeling alienated.

For the past five years, The Ontological Geek has brought you essays, columns, and podcasts that seek to explore these hidden depths of games and popular culture.

We’ve dedicated themed months filled with feature articles to particular topics such as religionhorror, and romance in games. And right now, we’re working on our latest one: mental health.

In addition, we have a number of current and past columns focusing on a particular topic, such as the Marvel Cinematic UniverseMagic: the Gathering, and the Planescape setting for Dungeons & Dragons.

In the past, we’ve always operated on a voluntary basis, but we’d like to aim a bit higher from now on. We believe that good writers deserve to be paid for their work, and that financial support brings out the best in everyone involved.

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