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Aaron Paul Gotzon is a beguiling ne’er-do-well, prancing about the stage by night, and hawking shrimp and cheap alcohol by day. He’s about as qualified to write about games as the average squashed cockroach. He does, however, run an extremely successful male escort service and bait shop out of his grandmother’s basement. If you’d like to send him a message, put it on a piece of paper, and throw it away.

Work Harder, Hard Worker

Why do we still have all these people spending their meager earnings on hosting services, trips to conventions, games, and tools for making games? Why don’t they just give up and prioritize civilian employment?


The Terror of Isaac

Is The Binding of Isaac a horror game?


Down to Size: Borderlands 2’s Ellie and Body Image 3

A look at how Borderlands 2 actually manages a respectful and fairly nuanced portrayal of an obese character, and an examination of why that matters.


Plowshares into Skyhooks: The Evolution (Intelligent Design?) of Bible Games 6

Frequent readers will note my intimate familiarity with the Evangelical subculture. We had our own hit novels, our own major motion pictures, and, of course, our own games.


Be Careful 1

Be careful, little ears, what you hear
Be careful, little ears, what you hear
For the Father up above is looking down in love
So be careful little ears, what you hear


Mario Dali: The Super Surrealist Brothers 1

Speaking informally the other day I found myself saying that the “Mario franchise can be understood as surrealist.” Is this true?

mario 2 picture

Press Thee X, Young Warrior: The Effective Tutorial 9

It is the responsibility of videogames to teach us how to play them. Before the game can even really strut its stuff, it has to play the role of teacher.

Yeah, Homeworld was pretty much badass.

The Gamer Who Doesn’t Play Games 1

My problem is a frustrating one; but one common to churchgoers, political activists, and students of all stripes. I would venture a guess that pretty much everyone who’s ever been regarded as an official part of a community has encountered this dilemma at one point or another.


Playtime Proverbs 2

Videogames can and do change our behavior, even more so if the experience is engaged by a player with the preconceived, conscious intention of being positively transformed.


In Case of Trouble 2

Anyway, one day in fairly recent memory, I broke up with my girlfriend of three years.A couple of weeks after the fact, my ubiquitous mix of detached boredom and intensely focused curiosity compelled me to sit down, download and play Bastion.


A Lonely Heroism: The Fundamental Importance of Single-Player 1

Cool breeze flows in through the screen door, the glass parted to allow the air inside the living room to stir. It is October of 2006, and I am alone.


The History (Not The Histories) of Polybius

Let me tell you a story. Videogames had just entered the scene, electronic play was still a novelty, consisting of young families clustered around television screens in absolute awe and rapture. And it was into this milieu that Polybius was born.