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Chelsea L. Shepard (formerly Hannah DuVoix) doesn't write for the Ontological Geek anymore, but she used to be our Editor-in-Chief! She is currently earning her MFA in Game Design from NYU and is probably also thinking about Fallout: New Vegas.

There is no way around the, shall we say, “appealing” character designs of the fighting genre’s female members, and I don’t see the trend going away anytime soon. But at least they're on the front lines. At least they are main characters. If we really examine female fighters, we see a plethora of strong, compelling characters in interesting (and not usually sexualized) circumstances.

Venus in Mars: Gender Equality in Fighting Games

In thinking about contemporary gaming, I've identified three different kinds of PCs: There are Characters, Conveyers, and Containers. These three types are delineated by the amount of control the player exerts over the in-game avatar, and a specific relationship to the player exists for each. For Characters, we are the Audience, for Conveyers, we are Actuators, and for Containers we are the Animus.

The Ghost and the Shell: Human/Cyborg Relations In Games