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Jason Hawreliak is an Assistant Professor at Brock University’s Centre for Digital Humanities. He’s interested in how games create meaning and help us negotiate our sense of the world. Oh, and death in videogames. He is essays editor at First Person Scholar.

“Bioshock seems to suf­fer from a pow­er­ful dis­so­nance between what it is about as a game, and what it is about as a story.” -          Clint Hocking, 2007 Papers, Please Lucas Pope’s Papers, Please was released in 2013 to wide acclaim. Set in the fic­ti­tious east­ern European nation of Arstotzka dur­ing the 1980s, Pope describes the game as fol­lows: “You play a bor­der inspec­tor at a con­tentious check-point. People are com­ing into your booth, and they want to get from one side to the other. You’ve got to check their doc­u­ments and make sure every­thing’s in order before you let them through. It’s hard to […]

Generating Tension in Papers, Please: A Case for Ludonarrative Dissonance