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Mark Filipowich is a writer living in Canada. Most of his writing in the last few years has focused on videogame criticism, which can be found regularly on PopMatters and The Border House. He has also been featured in Medium Difficulty, Game Church, Unwinnable, Nightmare Mode and Joystick Division. He also maintains a personal blog at If you enjoy his work you can buy him a coffee this month through his Patreon.

For sev­er­al years now it’s been semi-standard prac­tice for games to record the amount of time played. When I look at the num­ber of hours I’ve spent play­ing a game I try to keep in mind a short arti­cle by Kat Chastain about the way games con­sume time. To sum­ma­rize the already short indict­ment, “Gamers are junkies, games are their junk…” and before any good can come out of them, gamers must pluck out the few virtues to be found and make a gen­er­a­tion of games that isn’t most­ly a waste of time. Videogames require an entire child­hood to devel­op the lit­er­a­cy to sit in front […]

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