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Owen, living on the west coast of Wales, plays computer games and occasionally writes about them (as well as books). Contactable @abrightfar.

In March 1914 the bespec­ta­cled schol­ar Bronislaw Malinowski was put down by a greasy tug boat on the sands of Mailu Island in Papua New Guinea. Standing awk­ward­ly for a while on the too-hot earth, he described him­self as feel­ing – for a moment – a sense of deep dis­com­fort and revul­sion. Straightening his tie, the cot­ton of his shirt stick­ing in patch­es to his skin, Malinowski made his way from the rolling break­ers to a group of women stand­ing at the edge of a for­est clear­ing. He was there to live among them, a “par­tic­i­pant observ­er” whose role – as an anthro­pol­o­gist – was to […]

Malinowski’s Beach: Notes on Play as Anthropology

Vaulting a burned-out car, chugging heavily in his articulated armour, Ruiz was in his element. And then he died, a jet of livid green plasma blowing him into now disarticulated bits.

Ruiz is Dead