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Tom Dawson is, in no particular order; a two-time Olympic bronze medallist (synchronised swimming), ancestrally Atlantean, a compulsive liar, the Green Lantern of space sector 2814 and the inventor of the cordless drill. His fondest wish is that someday he’ll get paid for writing stuff like this.

Tricks of the Trade: Commander 2014: Black 2

We approach the realest of the shit. Shit so real you may not even be able to handle it. Parental Advisory is in full effect, and don’t come crying to me if you suffer an overdose of sheer awesome and need to be rushed to an Ed Sheeran gig to be bored back down to normal. It’s Magic in purest form, the most ass-kickingest of colour combinations – mono-black!


Tricks of the Trade: Commander 2014: Green

Green! Who doesn’t love green? Hitting the ground running with ramp spells and popping out fat, trampling creatures to ruin your friends’ day! Big mana, big beasties, that’s the green way, and it’s immensely satisfying.


Tricks of the Trade: Commander 2014: White

Welcome back, children. Today we’re talking Forged In Stone, the monowhite deck from the recent Commander 2014 release, and a surprisingly powerful deck for what’s usually ranked the second least powerful colour in the format.


Tricks of the Trade: Commander 2014: Blue

Commander 2014 is one hell of a set. With all of these wonderful new toys to play with, it seemed only natural to write up a set review for my adoring audience, which – by complete coincidence, naturally – required us to play the living daylights out of all the decks. The things I do for you people.


How Many Americans?

When the meta experience of Spec Ops begins to shift away from supporting this black-on-white reasoning as the cause of the game’s conflict, it presents quite the gut punch; Good Guys and Bad Guys both begin to lose value as simple definitions.


Tricks of the Trade: Can’t Touch This 3

I have an itch, dear reader. An itch I just can’t scratch. A little something that has wormed its way into my brain and refuses to leave. On rare occasions when the stars align, rivers run backwards and sundry other mystic omens come to pass, a Magic card will amble into my mind and take up residence. I am overcome by the need to do something with the card, be it fun or fair or so laughably broken that Lindsay Lohan thinks it needs help. It’s one of the more enduring and endearing qualities of Magic that even as a […]


Tricks of the Trade: Leadership Material 1

With the recent release of Magic’s 2015 core set, I thought I’d jump on the Internet’s bandwagon good and hard to review the latest crop of potential Commanders. For the uninitiated, Commander (or EDH, for the purist) is a 100-card constructed format which pulls from virtually the entire backlog of Magic’s history1 with an emphasis on more social gaming than the usual tournament formats. It’s intended to be played by a group rather than as 1v1 duels, and – officially at least – prioritises having fun over winning. Further information on the format can be found here. Don’t be fooled, […]


Human Resources 1

Despite its best intentions, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag treats newly liberated slaves as equivalent to cargo.


A Personal Choice

Without tangible game benefits or a preordained character personality to guide my decision, I am forced to really think about the choices being presented to me


Dannazione! Do You Want to Give Up?

I leapt at the chance to review Face Noir. Sadly, Face Noir has precious little in it to care about.


A Link to My Past

Distressed and frankly bored by my recent video game choices, I picked up a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and stepping out into the bright green grass of Hyrule Field felt like coming home.


Stereotyping in Assassin’s Creed III 6

During a recent playthrough of Assassin’s Creed III, I realized how full it is of cultural stereotyping, and began to wonder what it might be saying about my nationality.


Gods & Parasites 21

I wonder, did anyone sit down to consider their own understanding of God before making From Dust and Black & White?

from dust

Batman vs Spider-Man: The Clone Saga

A game which wins the popularity lottery will almost immediately be cannibalized for useful parts. After Arkham Asylum, Amazing Spider-Man made no bones about picking up the bat-ball and running with it.


Bronies, Chaos Marines, and Dirty little Secrets 2

An idea is hatched, one never raised in sobriety but which finds fertile ground in the alcohol-fogged mind. A plan is made: We were going to play a game of Warhammer.

mad bastard