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What follows is a brief overview of all the companions. There are two aspects to each of their stories. The first is what they do. The second is how Hawke reacts to what they do. Fittingly, Hawke plays a large part in each of their lives, but the most poignant moments aren’t really moments at all, they’re the attitudes Hawke takes with each character during the years they collaborate. Hawke’s reaction to a character’s behavior can make their story easier to bear, or all the more tragic. It’s a different kind of agency, more peripheral, but just as impactful.

The Family History: Part Two

Bioware games chronicle how one person unites disparate personalities and turns them into an unstoppable force. Dragon Age II is the epitome of that idea, a family saga ruled by people and not events. It’s been the RPG model for NPCs to show the player the way, guiding them from one quest to another. That tendency finds its best realization to date, and it’s all because of the characters and what they have at stake.

The Family History: Part One

We may never come any closer to the zombie apocalypse than Black Friday at Walmart, but who are we to ignore the promptings of popular culture? And, let’s face it, there are probably zombie-crazed Walking Dead fans out there somewhere--injecting corpses with espresso shots and Four Loko in the hope that they’ll rise again. If one of these budding Dr. Frankensteins succeeds in waking the dead, remember these survival tips (and watch Zombieland) and you’ll stand a marginally lesser chance of winding up as a rotting, drooling, flesh-frenzied corpse.

INFOGRAPHIC — Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse