We're back, we've changed our look, and we've brought home some friends. I can't tell you how excited I am to showcase some truly quality games writing here on the Geek. We have some fantastic writers lined up here, and the pitches and drafts I've received are all top-notch.

We’re Back

See the title! One year ago today, I post­ed the first post on the Ontological Geek, to an audi­ence of my wife and a few of my friends.  Today, I post this anniver­sar­i­al (not a word) update with a few lessons under my belt and a year’s worth of arti­cles and com­ments post­ed on the Internet for all to see and, hope­ful­ly, enjoy. First, I want­ed to make sure to thank Matt Schanuel for writ­ing the Additional Pylons col­umn for the last eight months or so, as well as Jarrod Hammond, Tom Coberly, and Afh for writ­ing guest arti­cles. I would also be remiss if I did­n’t thank […]

The Ontological Geek is One Year Old: The Annual Report, 20102011