Oscar Strik

Oscar Strik is a historical linguist, living in the Netherlands. He’d love to travel back in time to have tea with a bunch of vikings. He thinks language is super cool, but is a cultural historian at heart, and would go crazy if he couldn’t also spend time reading and writing about music, games, religion, etc. He can be reached on twitter @oscarstrik.

Tom Dawson
Regular Columnist

Tom Dawson dwells in the town of Winchester, in Southern England. He is by day an accountant, by night a cross-dressing vampire hunter who generally forgets the vampire hunting and just stays home to play games. Holding a particular passion for sprawling RPGs, he has put more time into the output of BioWare and Bethesda than is healthy. He’d die a happy man if someone would agree to pay him for his rambling and inane video game commentary.

Aaron Gotzon
Regular Columnist / Podcast Host

Aaron Gotzon is an actor, restaurant manager, and general bohemian currently based in the St. Louis metro area.  A graduate of William Jewell College in Liberty, MO, Aaron’s long and tenderly passionate relationship with videogames began with Tiny Toon Adventures on a borrowed Game Boy Pocket.  Later on, Chrono Trigger sealed the deal for life (so far).  Follow him on Twitter at @AP_Gotzon.

Jim Ralph
Regular Columnist

Jim Ralph currently resides in sunny Winchester, England. He has recently completed an MA in Contemporary Literature and spends his days watching ideas like ‘Do a PhD’, ‘Get a better job’ and ‘Go to the pub until the voices fade’ battle for his attention. He is often accused of over-thinking things but, frankly, cannot see how that’s even possible. He’d love to hear from you, personally, with any thoughts on his writing or lucrative job offers. Methods of contact include email, Twitter @somekindofjim or a note stapled to a carrier pigeon’s face.


Owen Vince
Regular Columnist

 Owen lives on the storm-battered coast of west Wales. He is an archaeologist by trade, but gave it up to study literature and to be a technical writer, which somehow still involves a lot of digging. He is particularly interested in the kinds of messy narrative, emotional, and delusional attachments we have with games.  He can be reached on twitter @abrightfar.

Bill Coberly
Founder & Editor Emeritus

Bill Coberly started the Ontological Geek in August of 2010 with various high-falutin’ intentions, and learned a lot about games and games-criticism in the interim.  He has since stepped back and now serves in an advisory position. He is located in Minneapolis, MN, where he attends law school at the University of Minnesota, and lives with his wonderful wife, Erin, and two small and snuggly terriers, Azathoth and Nyarlathotep.  In addition to writing for The Ontological Geek, he also wrote for Nightmare Mode, and has contributed to Ctrl+Alt+Defeat, Five Out of Ten, and Gamechurch as well.  He can be reached at, or on Twitter @BillCoberly.