Editor’s Religion Month Recap

Our first themed month was a suc­cess!  Over the course of April (and the very begin­ning of May) we pub­lished 12 arti­cles on reli­gion and/or the­ol­o­gy in games.  We received a vari­ety of won­der­ful guest arti­cles in addi­tion to our reg­u­lar staff’s work, and it was a plea­sure to read and pub­lish all of the great pieces!

In case you missed them the first time around, here’s a run­through of all the arti­cles we post­ed this month:

1. Bill Coberly explains why his expe­ri­ences with BioShock Infinite par­al­leled his expe­ri­ence with the lit­tle church he went to the week­end before he played it.

2. Guest writer Joshua Wise pro­pos­es an Empirical Metaphysic, sug­gest­ing that cer­tain out-of-fashion doc­trines of Christianity might be sal­vaged if we make an anal­o­gy between God/creation and player-or-designer/videogame.

3. Hannah DuVoix became uncom­fort­able with Skyrim’s fond­ness for mak­ing the play­er raid sacred spaces such as tombs.

4. Guest writer Tobe Cooper reads Final Fantasy X as a Catholic dystopia.

5. Guest writer Anne Winters explains how her devel­op­ment in her faith mir­rors her strug­gles with get­ting bet­ter at videogames.

6. Matt Schanuel com­pares God’s cre­ation of the world at the begin­ning of Genesis with cre­at­ing a world or set­ting in var­i­ous games, both video- and table­top.

7. Guest design­er Raymond Neilson puts togeth­er an insight­ful game about Mormonism, agency, and the most inter­est­ing games he played in 2012.

8. Aaron Gotzon pro­vides a thor­ough and enjoy­able his­to­ry of “Bible Games,” or videogames cre­at­ed by evan­gel­i­cal Christianity as an alter­na­tive to main­stream games.

9. Guest writer Ethan Gach explores the themes and dan­gers of mes­sian­ism both with­in Earthbound itself and in its fan­base’s treat­ment of the clas­sic game.

10. Guest writer Michael Elliott explores the Qun, a fas­ci­nat­ing reli­gion from the Dragon Age series, and explores its sim­i­lar­i­ties and dif­fer­ences with Buddhism and, par­tic­u­lar­ly, Taoism.

11. Jim Ralph writes a lengthy and intro­spec­tive piece com­par­ing the dif­fer­ences between reli­gious views of God and the views that play­ers have of char­ac­ters and events in games.

12. Guest writer Oscar Strik explains that while games talk a lot about reli­gion, they rarely talk about the tran­scen­dent, or the Holy, and explores why that might be.

I enjoyed post­ing each and every one of these arti­cles, and I hope you enjoyed read­ing them!  Go ahead and read through any you might have missed, and don’t hes­i­tate to leave com­ments if you have some­thing to add!

May will be a reg­u­lar “vari­ety” month, but we have other ideas for themed months com­ing up!  As always, thanks very much for read­ing the site, and you can reach me at editor@ontologicalgeek.com if you have any com­ments, ques­tions, or con­cerns.


–Bill Coberly

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