Editor’s Romance Month Recap

Romance Month was a suc­cess!  Over the course of April we pub­lished eight arti­cles on romance and rela­tion­ships in games!  We received a vari­ety of won­der­ful guest arti­cles, and it was a plea­sure to read and post each of them.  Here’s a recap of what we wrote about:

1. Hannah DuVoix wrote the first part of a quick sum­ma­ry of AAA queer romances, focus­ing on Fable and The Sims, show­ing how often, queer romances are sim­ply hol­low tokenism.

2. Austin Howe exam­ined the rela­tion­ship between Squall and Rinoa in Final Fantasy VIIIand explains why it’s so impor­tant to him.

3. Alex Duncan takes The Witcher to task for its misog­y­nis­tic romance mechan­ics and focus on a “com­mod­i­ty model” of sex.

4. Erin McNeil plays a romance game, Everlove: Rose, and shows how it fails by for­get­ting to be fun.  It could have learned a lot from watch­ing The Bachelor, she sug­gests.

5. Albert Hwang pro­vides an analy­sis of the romance options in Baldur’s Gate 2 and Mass Effect 3, and argues that BioWare has for­sak­en depth for breadth.

6. Sara Davis writes about how the Asari in Mass Effect 1 are essen­tial­ly objec­ti­fied “sex aliens,” despite their osten­si­bly respect­ed place in the galac­tic hier­ar­chy.

7. Hannah DuVoix returns for the sec­ond part of her series on queer romances in AAA gam­ing, this one focused exclu­sive­ly on BioWare’s out­put.

8. Finally, Lex Tyler exam­ines the way some AAA games seem to rely on implic­it queer rela­tion­ships — just enough to get fan­f­ic writ­ers going, but not enough to actu­al­ly depict same-sex rela­tion­ships on the screen.

Thank you for read­ing!  May will be a reg­u­lar “vari­ety” month.  We are always happy to accept guest arti­cles, and even though the themed month is over, we’re still quite happy to post arti­cles about romance and rela­tion­ships!

–Bill Coberly

Bill Coberly

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Bill Coberly is the founder and now Editor Emeritus (that means he doesn't really do anything any more) of the Ontological Geek. He currently studies law at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where he lives with his wonderful wife and a pair of small and snuggly terriers.