Horror Month Call for Articles

After the great suc­cess we expe­ri­enced with Religion Month in April of this year, we thought it would be fun to do anoth­er themed month.  And what bet­ter theme for the month of October than hor­ror?

All of our arti­cles in October will be cen­tered around hor­ror, pri­mar­i­ly in games, though there’s room for other media as well.  Horror games as a genre vary dras­ti­cal­ly from gorefest AAA shoot ’em ups like Dead Space to the qui­eter, help­less indie fear of Slender.  They inspire Let’s Plays like maybe no other genre — peo­ple enjoy watch­ing strangers be fright­ened of things, appar­ent­ly.

But why do we enjoy hor­ror games?  Or have you never been able to get into one?  Does the thought of play­ing Amnesia: The Dark Descent make you excit­ed or repulsed?  How do hor­ror games work?  What do they do, and what can we learn about our­selves from play­ing them?

While the Ontological Geek is always happy to receive guest arti­cles, we par­tic­u­lar­ly love to get them dur­ing our themed months, which is why we’re announc­ing this so early.  If you have a piece on hor­ror games you’d like to write for us, please send a pitch or draft to editor@ontologicalgeek.com and we’ll get talk­ing!  We’d like to have at least all the pitch­es in by September 27th so we can plan a sched­ule, though if you’re late we prob­a­bly won’t burn you at the stake.

We look for­ward to see­ing what you’ll come up with, as well as the great arti­cles to come out of the reg­u­lar staff!