It is Pitch Dark: Through the Gate-To-Many-Places

Our first game of It is Pitch Dark was a success!  From 8/19/13 to 8/20/13, Bill Coberly ran the game through Twitter, which ended at 320 tweets.  Here below is the transcript of the game and some quick thoughts from the author.

We hope you'll join us for our next game of It is Pitch Dark, starting this Friday, 8/23/13, at approximately 6:00 PM EST.  Ontological Geek contributor (and Pitch Dark illustrator) Matt Schanuel will be running his game, The Lizards on Phobos, and it ought to be a darn good time.


Through the Gate-To-Many-Places was a deliberate vamp on the old Lovecraftian Dreamlands stories, such as Celephais and The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, though it was a little more swashbucklery than those by the end.  I wanted to do something which allowed a lot of room for improvisation and strange verbs on the part of the players, and so setting the game in a dream-space seemed a natural choice.

It was incredibly fun to see what sorts of really clever responses the players came up with.  I was a little worried I would just get basic, boring commands like "open door," " go left," sprinkled with the occasional smart-alec, but I also got a lot of really creative commands that made the game much more fun than it would have been otherwise.  When faced with a horrible, charging monster, the first command I got wasn't "stab monster," it was "flick the switch on the halberd, the one just below the blade."

So here's the game, and I hope you enjoy reading through it as much as I enjoyed running it, and thanks to everyone who played!  I'm looking forward to playing Matt's game this weekend, and I'll definitely be running more games in the future!