Romance Month Call For Articles

For the month of April, 2014, the Ontological Geek will only be run­ning arti­cles that deal in some way with romance or rela­tion­ships and games!

Like all of our themed months, we wel­come guest arti­cles on the topic!  We inter­pret this theme broad­ly, and wel­come analy­ses of par­tic­u­lar rela­tion­ships or romance-mechanics in games, exam­i­na­tions of how games inter­sect with real-world romance or rela­tion­ships, or any­thing else which you think is applic­a­ble!

As always, we wel­come arti­cles from writ­ers of all back­grounds and per­spec­tives, and we look for­ward to read­ing what you all come up with!  We’ll be accept­ing arti­cles through mid-April, but the soon­er we get yours, the bet­ter!  Please sub­mit a pitch or a draft to, and we’ll get to work!