Sunday Frames: Station To Nowhere

You enter the sta­tion in Off-Peak from a city, but beyond it lies some­thing unknown — a sun­set moun­tain wilder­ness. You can see it from the train plat­forms, the depart­ing tracks sus­pend­ed into a straight, seem­ing­ly infi­nite dis­tance.

The best view — the one pre­sent­ed here — is from the win­dows of the sta­tion’s craft beer/games bar. Stand per­fect­ly cen­tered, with your incor­po­re­al avatar nose to the win­dow­pane, and you get an unob­struct­ed view of the strange vista.

It’s out of this world, the sta­tion sit­ting at the limit between a city and an indef­i­nite spir­it world. The sta­tion is an island in terms of game space, the red­dish glow of the land is the ocean beyond it. Out of space, out of time.


Sunday Frames is a series of short pieces where the author muses on one or a small number of stills, frames, pictures, screenshots, or illustrations.

Odile Strik

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Odile A. O. Strik is editor-in-chief of The Ontological Geek. She is also a linguist from the Netherlands. She occasionally writes in other places, such as her own blog Sub Specie. You can read her innermost secrets on Twitter @oaostrik.