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The OntoCast 4: Police

Aaron and Oscar are joined by guests Sha­reef Jack­son and Aus­tin Wal­ker to discuss the re­pre­sen­ta­tion of po­lice in games, with a fo­cus on Battle­field: Hard­line.


The Ontological Geek Podcast Episode 3: Moral Bodies

After a hiatus, we’re back with Ontological Geek podcasts again. This time, we (Aaron Gotzon and Oscar Strik) had former editor-in-chief Bill Coberly and Amsel von Spreckelsen as guests, and our main topic is bodies as a locus of morality in games, particularly sections where control is taken away from bodies and they are destroyed in a spectacle, which at the same time is the outcome of a moral judgment, such as at the end of a duel, like in Mortal Kombat‘s ‘finish him/her’ sections. Besides that, we talk about Darren Korb‘s music in Bastion and Transistor, and a variety of other games.


The Ontological Geek Podcast Episode 2: Horror and Asylums

This episode, Aaron and Oscar are joined by special guests Amsel von Spreckelsen and Rowan Noel Stokvis to talk about the portrayal of insane asylums in horror games!

Van Gogh's A Corridor in the Asylum

Work Harder, Hard Worker

Why do we still have all these people spending their meager earnings on hosting services, trips to conventions, games, and tools for making games? Why don’t they just give up and prioritize civilian employment?


The Ontological Geek Podcast Episode 1

Aaron Gotzon and Oscar Strik are pleased to bring you this first episode of the Ontological Geek’s new podcast! Within, find discussions of game music, free-to-play games, gamer entitlement, and various other things!


2013 Year-in-Review

2013 was a great success on many fronts, so we’ve decided to take a moment to reflect on the year’s events as we look forward to future growth in 2014.


Endings Roundup

Here at the end of the year, I asked the Ontological Geek staff to write up some thoughts about the endings of games, good, bad, and ambiguous.


The Terror of Isaac

Is The Binding of Isaac a horror game?


It is Pitch Dark: Unto Tarsus

A transcript of and some excellent thoughts about Aaron Gotzon’s game of It is Pitch Dark: Unto Tarsus


Boss Battles Roundup 3

The Ontological Geek staff give their thoughts about the nature and purpose of boss battles, one of gaming’s oldest tropes.


Down to Size: Borderlands 2’s Ellie and Body Image 3

A look at how Borderlands 2 actually manages a respectful and fairly nuanced portrayal of an obese character, and an examination of why that matters.


Plowshares into Skyhooks: The Evolution (Intelligent Design?) of Bible Games 6

Frequent readers will note my intimate familiarity with the Evangelical subculture. We had our own hit novels, our own major motion pictures, and, of course, our own games.


Be Careful 1

Be careful, little ears, what you hear
Be careful, little ears, what you hear
For the Father up above is looking down in love
So be careful little ears, what you hear


Spring Reading List 1

We asked the Ontological Geek staff to pick three games for their required reading lists, a game to take to the end o the world, a game to teach people about games, and whatever they’re currently playing.


Mario Dali: The Super Surrealist Brothers 1

Speaking informally the other day I found myself saying that the “Mario franchise can be understood as surrealist.” Is this true?

mario 2 picture