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Tricks of the Trade: Commander 2014 – Blue

Commander 2014 is one hell of a set. With all of these wonderful new toys to play with, it seemed only natural to write up a set review for my adoring audience, which – by complete coincidence, naturally – required us to play the living daylights out of all the decks. The things I do for you people.


How Many Americans?

When the meta experience of Spec Ops begins to shift away from supporting this black-on-white reasoning as the cause of the game’s conflict, it presents quite the gut punch; Good Guys and Bad Guys both begin to lose value as simple definitions.


Tricks of the Trade: Leadership Material

With the recent release of Magic’s 2015 core set, I thought I’d jump on the Internet’s bandwagon good and hard to review the latest crop of potential Commanders. For the uninitiated, Commander (or EDH, for the purist) is a 100-card constructed format which pulls from virtually the entire backlog of …


Tricks of the Trade: Introduction and Round-Up

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Tricks of the Trade, Tom Dawson’s new column on all things good about Magic: The Gathering! To kick things off, Tom proposed one of our world-famous round-ups to lead into the unfathomably deep subject that is M:tG, and you can consider this a sort of backdoor …


A New Editor Approaches!

Hi friends, First off, I want to wish Bill Coberly the best of luck and best wishes for his time at University of Minnesota Law School. None of us would be here at this moment if it weren’t for him, and we wish him every success in this new chapter …