The Ontological Geek is Three Years Old: A Retrospective, 20122013

Happy Birthday, Ontological Geek.

Three years ago when I start­ed this web­site as a blogspot site where­in I would pon­tif­i­cate about videogames, I had no idea we’d make it this far.  We’ve come a long way since then, fre­quent­ly stum­bling and clum­sy, but ever-onwards, ever-upwards.  Our arti­cles have increased in qual­i­ty and fre­quen­cy, and we are now reg­u­lar appear­ances on cura­tion sites likes Critical Distance, and have repeat­ed­ly made roundups by big-name sites like Rock, Paper Shotgun, or the Penny Arcade Report.  We’re far from a house­hold name, but we’re not just “some blog” any­more.

So, first and fore­most, an enor­mous thank you to all of you who read the site, share the arti­cles and dis­cuss them.  You are why we exist, and in the games-crit space, arti­cles trav­el viral­ly or not at all.  It’s your sup­port that keeps us going, and I’d like to thank you very much, from the bot­tom of my heart.  We’ve got some excit­ing stuff hap­pen­ing in the future, and I hope you’ll stick with us!

Our new Twitter project, It is Pitch Dark, begins on Monday, and I hope you’ll join us for that.  We’re going to have some addi­tion­al themed months, like we did with Religion Month in April of this year, so be on the look­out for that, as well.

I am tremen­dous­ly proud of all of our writ­ers, and incred­i­bly thank­ful for all of their con­tin­ued efforts.  Nobody gets paid for any of this, and it’s hum­bling to think about all the hard work these folks have put in just for its own sake.  So, thank you very much, Matt, Hannah, Jim, Tom and Aaron, for stick­ing it out all this time, and thanks to Joel, who is a tremen­dous help edit­ing every­thing we put up.  Thanks also to Jessica and Ben, and to all of our many guest writ­ers.

We pub­lished a total of 59 arti­cles this last year, and I asked the staff to pick out some of their favorites, in case you’d like to go back and look at some of the cool stuff we did.  I asked every­one to list their favorite arti­cle they wrote, and their favorite arti­cle some­body else wrote.  So take a look through those, and, as always, con­tin­ue to share our arti­cles around on social media, dis­cuss them in the com­ments below, and remem­ber that we are always look­ing for more writ­ers, both on a one-off and month­ly basis.  So if you have some good ideas, let us know, and we’ll get talk­ing.

Thanks again, and here’s to anoth­er great year!

–Bill Coberly
The Ontological Geek

Here are the arti­cles we thought were the best this year:

Bill Coberly

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