Write For Us

If you want to write a one-off guest article (or record a guest video, or sculpt a guest mixed-media presentation, etc.) please write to editor@ontologicalgeek.com with a pitch or draft of your project. These are the only rules you must follow:

1. Be relevant: we are looking for writing on games (any kind you can think of), literature, poetry, and comics, film, or music. In short, anything connected to popular culture.

2. Be interesting: we are looking for thoughtful reflections on the deeper significance of the outlined cultural forms, and the ways in which they interact with each other.

3. Describe your idea in approx. 250 words.

If you’re interested in writing on a more regular basis, write to editor@ontologicalgeek.com with a brief outline of what sorts of things you’d like to write about. We generally ask regular contributors to commit to a firm once-a-month basis.