Daily Archives: August 25, 2014

By coin­ci­dence of a lib­er­al arts edu­ca­tion I dis­cov­ered “The Cave” (1920−2) by Russian author Yevgeny Zamyatin, best known for his dystopi­an novel We, in a class on Russian sci­ence fic­tion two years before strik­ing sparks in Kyle Gabler’s game Little Inferno (2012). After toast­ing before dig­i­tal flames my thoughts draw me back to Zamyatin’s story of a cou­ple try­ing to sur­vive an ice age locked over the city of St. Petersburg. The com­par­i­son between these two nar­ra­tives, 92 years apart, con­fronts long­stand­ing prob­lems of human rela­tion­ships and choice. Within Gabler’s charm­ing goth­ic world is an ide­ol­o­gy of oppres­sion that stands along­side rad­i­cal strug­gles […]

The Literary Embers of Little Inferno