Daily Archives: October 17, 2014

Following on from my pre­vi­ous post for the Ontological Geek the first ques­tion that needs to be answered is ‘why Dungeons & Dragons?’ I made a point in that arti­cle of argu­ing against excep­tion­al­ism, which should be taken to be a stance against both intra and extra-classification excep­tion­al­ism. That is to say hold­ing sin­gle enti­ties as the unas­sail­able pin­na­cle of their kind is as bad as hold­ing a class of objects apart from other class­es. To argue that video games are not sep­a­ra­ble from other games by virtue of their unique­ness but then to argue that with­in the genre of table­top one game is capa­ble […]

Why Dungeons & Dragons?