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After a hiatus, we’re back with Ontological Geek podcasts again. This time, we (Aaron Gotzon and Oscar Strik) had former editor-in-chief Bill Coberly and Amsel von Spreckelsen as guests, and our main topic is bodies as a locus of morality in games, particularly sections where control is taken away from bodies and they are destroyed in a spectacle, which at the same time is the outcome of a moral judgment, such as at the end of a duel, like in Mortal Kombat‘s ‘finish him/her’ sections. Besides that, we talk about Darren Korb‘s music in Bastion and Transistor, and a variety of other games.

The OntoCast 3: Moral Bodies

First, read­er, a note. This piece is not a ret­ro­spec­tive, nor is it an info-dump. It’s a mes­sage. If you are some­how unaware of the war that has been waged against promi­nent women in gam­ing in the past weeks, Google it. We at the Ontological Geek have always focused more on com­men­tary than news any­way. I do not give a rat’s ass about alleged cor­rup­tion in games jour­nal­ism. The fact that this “move­ment” per­sists even after the trolls behind it have been revealed, their plans and motives a mat­ter of pub­lic record, is inde­fen­si­ble. It is known who they are and how they have tried […]

On GamerGate

Hi friends, First off, I want to wish Bill Coberly the best of luck and best wish­es for his time at University of Minnesota Law School. None of us would be here at this moment if it weren’t for him, and we wish him every suc­cess in this new chap­ter of his life. Bill has proven him­self time and again to be a true friend and ally to me per­son­al­ly, and is the only boss for whom I’d glad­ly work for noth­ing. I hope to be even half the Editor-in-Chief he has been, and to con­tin­ue the dread work he start­ed four years […]

A New Editor Approaches!