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I have an itch, dear read­er. An itch I just can’t scratch. A lit­tle some­thing that has wormed its way into my brain and refus­es to leave. On rare occa­sions when the stars align, rivers run back­wards and sundry other mys­tic omens come to pass, a Magic card will amble into my mind and take up res­i­dence. I am over­come by the need to do some­thing with the card, be it fun or fair or so laugh­ably bro­ken that Lindsay Lohan thinks it needs help. It’s one of the more endur­ing and endear­ing qual­i­ties of Magic that even as a rel­a­tive­ly sea­soned play­er, some­times I can […]

Tricks of the Trade: Can’t Touch This

With the recent release of Magic’s 2015 core set, I thought I’d jump on the Internet’s band­wag­on good and hard to review the lat­est crop of poten­tial Commanders. For the unini­ti­at­ed, Commander (or EDH, for the purist) is a 100-card con­struct­ed for­mat which pulls from vir­tu­al­ly the entire back­log of Magic’s his­to­ry1 with an empha­sis on more social gam­ing than the usual tour­na­ment for­mats. It’s intend­ed to be played by a group rather than as 1v1 duels, and – offi­cial­ly at least – pri­ori­tis­es hav­ing fun over win­ning. Further infor­ma­tion on the for­mat can be found here. Don’t be fooled, though. A Commander game […]

Tricks of the Trade: Leadership Material

Walking the Planes is a series of articles in which I explore the philosophy of the planes of existence in Dungeons & Dragons from a personal (retro-)perspective. Most of it will focus on the Planescape campaign setting, which was published between 1994 and 1998 and which is to date still the most detailed exploration of the planes in the game. I’ve always had a thing for the planes, dif­fer­ent places and worlds beyond and above our own, hid­den behind por­tals. The metaphor­i­cal speech is strong here. A plane is a level sur­face; some­thing that hap­pens on anoth­er plane is sit­u­at­ed on a dif­fer­ent ‘level’ of exis­tence from ours, usu­al­ly […]

Walking The Planes 1: Introduction

Hello and wel­come to You Haven’t Seen!?! This is my brand-new col­umn delv­ing into the inter­sec­tion of Geek and Cinema! Now, I’ve seen a lot of movies, and I con­sid­er myself an aspir­ing film snob. That said, there are quite a few rather impor­tant films I have not seen before begin­ning this project. I’ve doubt­less seen movies and played games (for this is the Geek, after all) influ­enced by said films, and I prob­a­bly know the twists and spoil­erz, but the films them­selves I haven’t seen. UNTIL NOW!!! So let me lay out how this is (ten­ta­tive­ly) going to work. I will write about what I know about […]

You Haven’t Seen!?!: Ghostbusters (1984)