The OntoCast 1


Aaron Gotzon and Oscar Strik are pleased to bring you this first episode of The Ontological Geek’s new pod­cast.  While run­ning this pod­cast, our hosts hope to bring you a vari­ety of excit­ing guests and top­ics, and there will always be time to dis­cuss and lis­ten to some fan­tas­tic game music.  We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to com­ment below with any thoughts or respons­es!



00:00 — Intro; Chris Christodoulou’s sound­track for Risk of Rain

17:55 — The ‘one woman wail’ as a musi­cal trope in video games; Lisa Gerrard; The advent of CD audio and orchestral/band sound­tracks in video games

30:20 — Free to play games and evolv­ing dis­tri­b­u­tion and ‘pack­ag­ing’ meth­ods for games; “gamer enti­tle­ment”; Flappy Bird

42:50Hearthstone; money invest­ment ver­sus time invest­ment in rela­tion to com­pet­i­tive gam­ing, and in rela­tion to free time

56:45 — What have we been play­ing? Hearthstone, Broken Age, Awesomenauts

69:20 — Game pric­ing and com­pa­ny sta­bil­i­ty; Game crit­i­cism, main­stream game jour­nal­ism, crowd­fund­ing


Chris Christodoulou’s Risk of Rain sound­track can be bought here.

Oscar’s music blog Evening of Light is here.

In the “one woman wail” mashup we used music from Dragon Age: Origins (“The Battle for Ostagar”), Twisted Metal Black (“Snowy Trails”) and Deus Ex: Human Revolution (“Icarus (Main Theme)”).

To hear Lisa Gerrard do her orig­i­nal thing in Dead Can Dance, please check this out.