The OntoCast 2: Mental Health Asylums As Horror Tropes

Van Gogh's A Corridor in the Asylum

Van Gogh’s A Corridor in the Asylum

It’s time for the sec­ond episode of the Ontological Geek Podcast! In addi­tion to talk­ing about a few spe­cif­ic game sound­tracks, this episode delves into hor­ror games and the use of the “insane asy­lum” as a recur­ring, unin­ter­ro­gat­ed trope there­in. Special guests this episode are Amsel von Spreckelsen, long­time OntoGeek friend and games-blogger, and Rowan Noel Stokvis, a dis­abil­i­ty rights advo­cate.  Join us for some seri­ous analy­sis of why insane asy­lums are used so fre­quent­ly in hor­ror games, what they mean, and what this trend says about our soci­ety’s atti­tudes towards the men­tal­ly ill.

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00:00 — Introduction
01:36 — Mashup of Thief music by Eric Brosius
05:20 — Horror and hor­ror music in Games (Amnesia: the Dark Descent, et al.)
27:35 — Asylums in games (Outlast, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Batman: Arkham Asylum, et al.)
1:34:26 — Roundtable dis­cus­sion (Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons, Dark Souls, To the Moon)

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