Van Gogh's A Corridor in the Asylum

The Ontological Geek Podcast Episode 2: Horror and Asylums

Van Gogh's A Corridor in the Asylum

Van Gogh’s A Corridor in the Asylum

It’s time for the second episode of the Ontological Geek Podcast! In addition to talking about a few specific game soundtracks, this episode delves into horror games and the use of the “insane asylum” as a recurring, uninterrogated trope therein. Special guests this episode are Amsel von Spreckelsen, longtime OntoGeek friend and games-blogger, and Rowan Noel Stokvis, a disability rights advocate.  Join us for some serious analysis of why insane asylums are used so frequently in horror games, what they mean, and what this trend says about our society’s attitudes towards the mentally ill.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:36 – Mashup of Thief music by Eric Brosius
05:20 – Horror and horror music in Games (Amnesia: the Dark Descent, et al.)
27:35 – Asylums in games (Outlast, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Batman: Arkham Asylum, et al.)
1:34:26 – Roundtable discussion (Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons, Dark Souls, To the Moon)

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